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The Cretan Minotaur—half man, half bull—has been devouring so many Athenians that it’s getting impossible to organize a softball game. Can the young prince Theseus, son of Poseidon, save the day? Will Daedalus and Icarus fly too close to the sun and have a meltdown? Theseus and the Minotaur has the answers, and has been developed to work closely with your ancient history curriculum.

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Outreach Education
Venture Into Schools is NOVA’s outreach education program. The program is dedicated to engaging, inspiring and challenging youth through performing arts. Since the program began in 2003, we have ventured into more than 20 different schools and youth organizations.

Two-week Production Workshop
Students in grades 4-6 are eligible to audition for a 45-minute musical. A maximum of 50 students may participate. Auditions and rehearsals take place after school. After only two weeks of rehearsal, students will perform the musical three times for their peers, family and teachers. Venture Into Schools provides costumes, props and minimalist set for each production. The school provides the students and space.

Why Choose a Local Arts Education Program?
Venture Into Schools can be a gateway to the performing arts. Because NOVA is located in your community, interested students may later choose to explore the wider offerings at NOVA’s Youth Conservatory including: dance, acting and voice classes, Summer School, Theatre Saturday, youth productions (musical and non-musical) and Kids In The Middle (playwriting workshop).

Comments from some former principals and parents:

“I was incredibly impressed with the level of respect the students and director had for each other.” -Parent

“Our students were very proud of their performance-they did a wonderful job! Our PTA is currently looking for a way to fund a project every year!” -Jay Lemelin, Principal, Rose Park Elementary

“Most of the students involved had little or no experience in getting in front of an audience let alone acting…Venture into Schools bolstered their confidence and gave them the skills to succeed.” -Parent

“The parents and students are still talking about the program. I have received more positive feedback about Venture Into Schools than any other after-school project we have had.” -Kevin Croff, Principal, Meadowlark Elementary

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