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The Importance of Your Gift

Even with a sold-out theater, ticket sales cover only about 25% of the cost of maintaining the NOVA Center for the Performing Arts. Help is always needed to bridge the gap between ticket income and the expense of producing productions and offering conservatory education and outreach. The generosity of individuals, corporations, public institutions and private foundations enables us to program large cast works, to provide low cost and free tickets to many special constituencies, and to offer unique EDUCATION PROGRAMS for children. You can play a role at NOVA by making a tax-deductible GIFT.

Education and Outreach

Experiencing performing arts challenges and enriches students while creating a foundation for their lifelong enjoyment of the arts. Your support ensures the CONTINUATION and expansion of our many programs, which are a valuable resource for the community. The Youth Conservatory and NOVA Chorale are demonstrating significant growth. Demand is increasing dramatically for in-school programs and community performances. NOVA works hard to be everywhere for everyone.


Your gift to the NOVA Endowment fund is a permanent INVESTMENT IN performing arts in Billings and guarantees that a rich tradition will continue for the enjoyment and appreciation of future generations. We would love to discuss the various options with you. Contact NOVA Center for the Performing Arts 406.591.5935 or EMAIL for more information.

Every gift counts!


NOVA is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and monetary gifts are TAX DEDUCTIBLE (as allowed by law). If you are interested in donating to NOVA please choose a campaign below, or contact our box office at:


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